“This is now such a waste of time, why didn’t I put it on the TheSmarterPlace?”


“This is now such a waste of time, why didn’t I put it on the TheSmarterPlace?” This was only a small part of my friend’s litany when she called this morning. She asked me, to please share her story on our blog to spare others the same kind of frustration.

So, this morning she started to hover and hearing some whiny noises from her vacuum cleaner, she realized that it’s time to apply a new dust bag. „Ha, lucky me,“ she thought, „last time I browsed through the hardware aisle, I bought some spare bags.“ It had not been a quick choice, but rather a studied guess, as to which bags would fit her vacuum. Mind, it’s not a new appliance, so she should know what bags to get, but there are several stores where she shops. They all have different brands of bags, each fitting a particular range of vacuum cleaners. As well as being pressed for time, her little daughter wanted to have a look at the Cartoon DVDs, so she made a quick decision and grabbed a package of bags.

This morning she enthusiastically tossed the full bag and tried to insert one. Hmmm, the cardboard seemed a bit too broad? So she pushed harder, it got stuck and by trying to pull it out again, she ripped out the whole fitting unit…

To cut the story short: she was not able to plug it back in, had to drive to the store, only to hear that they can’t fix it either and would have to send it to the factory which would cost a lot of money unless the guarantee would cover it. “Why didn’t I take the time to scan those two boxes of receipts with TheSmarterPlace? Or at least, take a quick snapshot of the last package of bags and file it on TheSmarterPlace?” To end her very unsatisfying story, she vowed to scan and store on TheSmarterPlace whatever solution she finds to her problem.

Scanning and filing receipts, warranties and similar relevant information on TheSmarterPlace is very easy: Open the app, open your home, go to the room where you store your vacuum cleaner. Tap on “Add Asset”, add the name, take a picture directly with the integrated camera option and save it. Your asset has been created and now you can scroll down to “Documents” and “scan” whatever documents are relevant concerning your vacuum cleaner. Scans get stored in high resolution, so you can show or download and print the information whenever that’s necessary. For the dust bags, it would be possible to scroll down to “Pictures”, and just add a snapshot of the appropriate package. If you take more than one picture, this card turns into a gallery where you can swipe through the images.



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