Life happens beyond your filing cabinet


Declutter and set yourself free ! Five reasons to get rid of household mail and paper clutter.
Declutter your paper piles and set yourself free ! Read these five points and start immediately.


There are five reasons why the digital storage of your paper piles helps you to organize your home better and be prepared for unforeseen events:

1) The digital filing of your home-related documents with TheSmarterPlace keeps them available for you anytime and anywhere on your smartphone. No lost or unavailable papers anymore.

2) The documents are attached to the specific objects on TheSmarterPlace. By digitally filing them you build a home inventory at the same time. Stop procrastinating.

3) Digital filing helps you to declutter your home. Store your Documents exactly where they belong, and they can be retrieved quickly. Goodbye, crates and boxes.

4) Digital filing keeps your documents secure in one place away from fire or theft. They get stored in Swiss data centers where any third parties can not access them. May you stay safe.

5) You can grant access to these documents to your family or anyone you wish to. Share the load!